in Malcesine


Casa Milani

8 flats in the south of Malcesine,
located in a quiet area surrounded by nature.
The premises include a wide olive garden and parking area.

500 m away from the town center
300 m away from the lake shore


Euro Tourist

8 flats in the northern area of Malcesine
with wide lake view terraces,
garden and parking garage.

300 m away from the town center
100 m away from the lake shore

plunged into nature-driven relax

or standing before breathtaking views

Plunged into

  • the green colour of the centuries-old olive trees
  • which surround the complex;
  • the nature-driven relax
  • that fosters self-exploration;
  • the state of rest
  • you can actually breathe in Casa Milani.

Standing before

  • the blue of Lake Garda waves
  • just few steps away from the flats;
  • the boundless sky
  • framing the lake;
  • the breathtaking panoramas
  • you can gaze out from Euro Tourist.

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